Trigger - Facebook Lead Ad Submitted

This trigger adds a contact to a Journey when they submit a Facebook Lead Ad. Learn how to create Facebook Lead Ads here.


How to connect

Before you get started, you need to connect to Facebook in Settings:


Click "Connect to Facebook" and follow the login steps on Facebook.

How to setup a Lead Ad

Drop the trigger and click "Setup New Lead Ad":


Select a Lead Ad:


Map your form fields to the corresponding fields in Autopilot. Please ensure you map the email field as it is required to create a contact in Autopilot. We'll do our best to automatically map your fields, however sometimes you’ll need to search and find a more appropriate field. If you can't, you can add a new custom field:


How to create a Journey using your Lead Ad

Now that your Lead Ad is setup, you can use it in a Journey:


We recommend connecting the following actions to your trigger: 

  • Add to List action, so you can easily access all contacts that have submitted the Lead Ad (note that you will also be able to do this using a smart segment in an upcoming release).
  • Send Slack Message action or the Send Notification action, to alert your team via Slack or email when a new submission is received.
  • Send Email action, to send a confirmation email to the contact.

Please note that Lead Ad submissions will only be captured for forms selected on a trigger in a published Journey.

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