Customize email unsubscribe link

In order to stay compliant, an unsubscribe link must be included in your Autopilot emails. Autopilot will automatically add an unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails. Here's how the link will appear by default:

However, you can customize the text, position, size and color of the unsubscribe link in each of your emails. 

How to customize your unsubscribe link

1. Click into your email and type the text you'd like to act as your unsubscribe link. Use the formatting tools to customize the text as necessary. Remember to ensure your unsubscribe link is clear.

2. Highlight the text and click on the  icon in the format bar

3. Select "Link to Unsubscribe"

4. Publish your Journey to make the changes live. Once published, this will replace the default Autopilot unsubscribe link. 

How to add a custom unsubscribe link to an HTML email

If you're building a custom HTML email and want to customize your unsubscribe link, you can hyperlink to:


So in your code it would look like this:

<a href="--unsubscribe--">Your unsubscribe text</a>

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