Action - Send Email

The Send Email action sends an email to the contacts that enter it. Thousands of companies including Lyft, Atlassian and Microsoft trust Autopilot to deliver their marketing and transactional emails.

Before getting started, please note that:

Creating and Customizing Emails

Drop the Send Email action, and then click "New Email":


Name your email and then choose how you'd like to create your email:

  • Start Blank: allows you to create an email that is text-based, however you can add images and hyperlinks if you wish to do so.
  • Upload HTML: allows you to upload a custom template. Before you upload your HTML, learn how to make it compatible with the Autopilot email editor here. You can upload either (a) an HTML file on its own, or (b) a ZIP file containing an HTML file as well as an images folder (named either "images" or "img"). 
  • Pick a Template: allows you to choose from some simple pre-built email templates. You can then modify them to suit your purposes. 

Next, compose your email:

Note that you can customize all aspects of your emails in Autopilot. You can:

Once your email is complete, you can send yourself a test email using the "Send Test" feature. You can fill personalization variables with:

  • a randomly selected contact (which changes every time you click send); or
  • a specific contact.

You can include multiple comma separated email addresses in the email field if you want to send a test to more than one person:

Once you're happy, click the 'Publish' button:

If you make further changes to your email remember to publish it again to make the changes live.

Action Settings

The Send Email action has three settings:


Learn more about each of these settings:

Please remember to publish the Journey after enabling or disabling any of these settings.

Sending Emails

To send emails, connect any trigger to the Send Email action. Here are some simple examples:

You can also connect multiple triggers to the same Send Email action:


Managing Emails

You can manage your existing emails by clicking "Manage Existing" on any Send Email action:


The Email Manager allows you to view, search, duplicate, delete and edit your existing emails:

To edit, duplicate (i.e. copy) or delete an email hover on an email and click the button:

Learn more about email duplication here.

You can also click the "Manage" button if you need to mass select and delete emails, however we recommend doing so with caution:

Remember that all email sent with Autopilot must comply with our Acceptable Use Policy. Please read it before sending email.

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