Troubleshooting Segment

If your events are not being correctly tracked in Autopilot and Segment, there are a few easy checks you can do to ensure to ensure your configuration is correct.

1. Check your write key

Confirm your Segment write key matches the write key in Autopilot here:

In Segment, the write key can be found under Source Settings, then "API Keys":

2. Check your API key

Confirm the API key in Segment matches the API key listed in your Autopilot account. This can be found here:

In Segment, the API key is entered from the Integrations tab. Search for Autopilot under Integrations. Then, choose Settings from the right side panel to enter the API key for Autopilot. 

3. Review your identify call

Confirm the Identify call has both userID and email (inside traits), as these are essential for tying the event to the contact. 

4. Review your track call

Confirm the track call has all of the following details: event, userID, and email in properties attribute.

5. Review your field mappings

Make sure all of the fields are correctly mapped between Segment and Autopilot. To check this, go here.

Remember, these fields are being sent through either the Identify OR the track, and they must match the properties coming from Segment (including capitalization and any underscores).

6. Ensure you have a published Journey with a Segment trigger

In order for the Segment integration to work, there must be a published Journey that includes a Segment trigger, configured with the relevant event name. Please double check this if you are seeing the track happen, but nothing appears in your Autopilot account.

To learn more about configuring the Segment trigger, please see Using Segment with Autopilot. 

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