Download sample HTML email templates

Sample responsive HTML email templates

You can download examples of our mobile responsive templates with Autopilot's editable tags added to them below. Note that in some browsers you may need to right click and choose "Download File" or "Save Link As": 

Please feel free to modify these templates and use them in Autopilot. However, please note that drastically altering these templates can affect their mobile responsiveness on mobile. Autopilot is not able to provide support for these templates once they have been altered.

If you're not familiar with HTML, all of the above templates are built into Autopilot already and are fully editable, just select "Pick a template" when creating a new email:

Looking for more responsive email templates? Check out these free templates from the Zurb Foundation. Please note that you'll need to add our editable tags to these templates if you want them to be editable in Autopilot.

Editing your HTML

If you're new to HTML, we recommend downloading Sublime for PC or Mac. You can then open the HTML file and edit it.

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